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Welcome to Tango-Delta

Drowning in a sea of statistics?  Business not as profitable as it should be?  Perhaps some of your products or services cost more to deliver than their price.  Maybe some of your best customers are eroding your profits.

At Tango-Delta we specialise in making sense of the numbers.  We design models for activity-based costing (ABC), budgeting and scenario planning.  We use leading proprietary software and/or well-known Microsoft tools for calculation and displaying the results.

We are a Silver Reseller Partner for Cognos, with experience in ReportNet, PowerPlay and the Enterprise Planning suite..

Tango-Delta turning data into decisions.

Our Mission

. . . is to help you to . . .


bulletdevelop sound product and customer strategies from the volume of diverse information available;


bullet streamline your customer-facing operations.


How we can help you


bulletWe can set up models in your company for costing, budgeting or statistical review, and train your staff in keeping them up to date.


bulletWe can hold workshops with your managers and/or staff to assess what happens now and what could change for the better.


bulletWe can involve your managers and staff, so they can learn the techniques and continue to use them in the future.


bulletAlternatively, you may prefer our bureau service, where you provide us regularly with fresh data, and we update your results.


For more detail of what we can do, see the How we can help section on the following pages.


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